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Why do I love him, why do I care, why do I bother he’s hardly ever there.

So why do I love him, I just don’t know, all he does is come and go.

He says he loves me, I wonder if that’s true, all I know is I’m lonely and blue.

Why can’t he see we were meant to be?

All I want is to be apart of he’s life and maybe someday become he’s loving wife.

When we’re together I feel real glad but then he goes again so then I’m sad.

I want to be the one in he’s heart, that’s all I ever wanted right from the start.

Why can’t he be the guy I use to know and let he’s feelings for me show.

Why does he do what he does to me, why can’t things go back to how they use to be?

I don’t want us to split apart but I also don’t want to keep getting a broken heart…