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Strangers In The Night

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                           Strangers in the night.


On a cold and very dark night a man all in black is only in sight.

In the streets he roamed around, only looking down at the ground.

When suddenly he looked up and to he’s delight a beautiful woman smiled at him polite.

Just at that moment he knew he’s evil wish had come true.

He asked her to help him on he’s way, what she didn’t realise it would cause her dismay.

As they started to walk on he’s wicked thoughts were getting strong.

He lead her off to a small dark lane, she knew their lives would never be the same.

He opened the door to a grubby old hut and pushed her inside and slammed the door shut.

He tied her up against a wall, there she stood strong and tall.

The way he stared into her eyes made her quiver to her own surprise.

And now her torture was to begin, she felt a burning desire deep within.

She thought the time had come for him to see that he’s prisoner she just wasn’t going to be.

She twisted and turned and reached for he’s knife and brought an end to he’s shameful life…