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Love Cheat

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                                              Love cheat.

I thought you were the guy for me but now I know it will never be.

All you do is break my heart, oh why did I let our relationship start.

When we first met I couldn’t believe that you really and truly wanted me.

Now you must think I’m such a dunce as you have cheated on me proberly more than once.

I sit and wonder who you’re with tonight so when I see you next we argue and fight.

How could you put me through all this and expect me to forget it with just one kiss.

How could you do this to me, I thought you said that you loved me.

I will never forgive or forget so please don’t ask me to, not just yet.

You are driving me crazy by the way you are, well this time darling you have pushed me too far.

You’re nothing but a lying, cheating rat, so how am I suppose to forget about that…