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My dad is not my real dad but he’s always been there for me through good times and bad.

He is such a wonderful man and I know he will never let me down.

He is one man I will love forever; I know my dad will leave me never.

My dad is so special to me but he’s life is not what it use to be.

He has had an exciting life and even got himself a devoted wife.

He’s had many strokes and heart attacks now but thanks to my mum he pulled through it somehow.

He can’t get up from he’s bed so he lays there watching films instead.

He sometimes has a little moan but that’s to be expected as he’s up there all alone.

He sits up there in he’s room, I hope he’ll be well again very soon.

He’ll always be there to guide me through it all, that’s my dad number one of them all...,